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Lamps for the Path to Enlightenment

To enhance our sacred temple space for beings to see at night, we need to install lights around the garden paths and holy objects. In the future we wish to offer a tea house for people to sit in the garden. In Buddhism it is said by making light offerings, you are able to dispel the darkness of ignorance by accumulating vast stores of merit, helping remove obstacles on the path to enlightenment. 

Offering light has particular significance to one of the 21 Tara’s, Marici tib. Ozer Chenma. Marichi is associated with sun and its rays and has been one of Rinpoche’s personal protection deities since his childhood. As the Goddess of the Dawn, one of her most common forms, she is depicted in the chariot of the sun pulled by seven pigs, removing obstacles with her radiant light. Marichi is invoked at the time of sun-rise, which shows her connection with the sun. Her main function is protection, especially during travel, removing obstacles, restoring vital energy and increasing fortune. 

Furthermore in the Tune of Brahma Sutra Clarifying Karma, it is said that making light offerings brings you ten benefits;

  • You become like a light in the world. 
  • You achieve (when born human) the clairvoyance of the pure flesh eye.
  • You achieve the devas’ eye.
  • You receive the wisdom of knowing what virtue is and what is non-virtue.
  • You are able to eliminate the darkness of ignorance, the concept of inherent existence.
  • You receive the illumination of wisdom; even in samsara you never experience darkness.
  • You receive much wealth and enjoyment.
  • You are reborn in the deva or human realm.
  • You quickly become liberated.
  • You quickly attain enlightenment.

The Garden Lighting Plan 

We will ensure all the paths at the temple are safe for visitors and the pond is well let. In addition spot lights will highlight the Stupa, Statue and smoke offering burner. The design will incorporate spot lights, ambiant lights, path lights and pond lights. We hope that visitors who find this hidden jewel that holds teachings of the King of Tantras will be inspired to the Dharma for the benefit of all beings.

Mantras playing at the Stupa
This plan also includes the cost of a music player that will continuously play mantras at the Stupa.

Security Lighting
We will install a security system with security lights to prevent people from creating negative Karma and vandalising the property. We are not in a dangerous area and this is unlikely but we are taking every precaution.

In order to save money, our volunteer community will dig trenches for all the lighting cable throughout the property. That said we do need to hire an electrician to install the lights and pay for the various fixtures.   We hope in the future visitors will come for courses and take in the Holy Objects in the evening over a relaxing cup of herbal tea and enjoy authentic Tibetan Momo's at the outdoor traditional Tibetan stove.

Light the Temple Gardens

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More Ways to Support the 21 Taras Garden of Abundance

Volunteer Your Skills

If you would like to help light the space you can volunteer. We will also need help planting the remaining landscape, painting and building out the teahouse. 

Your gifts help create a public space of sacred art and natural beauty inspired by the 21 Taras.  We are transforming the exterior of our Temple into a hidden jewel of beauty to inspire the minds of people to visit us and receive the great benefits of seeing these holy objects filled with relics . Our improved outdoor space will make  gatherings possible such as sang offerings and supports a community dedicated to service. The improvements will help draw visitors to  our Authentic 24 Armed Kalachakra Statue so their minds will receive the blessings from being near it and the relics inside it.